Friday, November 27, 2009

Israel commends IAEA resolution - to censure Iran for developing uranium enrichment site in secret

(Ynet).The Foreign Ministry on Friday praised the UN nuclear watchdog's decision to censure Iran over its covert uranium enrichment plant, calling the decision "extremely important".

The ministry said a time schedule must be set for the International Atomic Energy Agency's resolution, which calls on Iran to immediately halt construction of the Fordow enrichment plant and confirm it has no other covert plants, and that if Iran were to stray from the time schedule it should be sanctioned.

"Israel commends the resolution regarding Iran, which was passed today during a meeting of the agency's board of directors, after a three year period in which no resolutions were made on Iran within this framework," the ministry said in a statement.

"The significance of the resolution is that it determines that Iran continues to violate Security Council and IAEA resolutions."

The Foreign Ministry added that the resolution proves the international community is concerned about such secretive behavior on the part of Iran.

"The passing of the resolution with such a huge majority proves the international community has concluded that Iran's nuclear program, progressing through deceit and concealment, has become a significant and urgent danger to world peace," the statement added.

A US official said the world should send a clear message that Tehran will face consequences if it fails to engage with major powers on the nuclear issue, but added that the US fears more sanctions would harm the Iranian people.

"We hope that the board of governors resolution reinforces the message that, you know, we're committed to putting together a package of consequences if we don't find a willing partner. We hope Iran takes note of that clear message," the official told reporters.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called the IAEA resolution "the strongest and most definitive statement yet made by the countries who are very worried about nuclear ambitions on the part of Iran."