Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Netanyahu's peace efforts discussed on the BIBI report segment on RaptureReadyRadio show 11/17

* Peace process:
This is the last call for the Palestinian leadership to get buckled up and join the journey towards peace and prosperity for Both people to live side by side secured and life motivated.

As the PM continues to urge on every occasion in every microphone, to return to the negotiation table immediate and now for the purpose of reaching a final Peace agreement.

But any agreement has to guarantee effective security measures that will secure the peace and the borders , and therefore the right of self defense, while Israel is ready for concessions for peace there is one thing that Netanyhau will not compromise and thats the secuirty of Israel.

I want to point out a interesting point - the peace talks have been going on for 16 years or so, and there has never been so far such a quiet and calm situation as Netanyahu's first term and his current term since he took office so far, while during Rabin, Peres, Barak, Sharon and Olmert's term Israel experienced tough, deadly, bloody terror attack and missiles fired and threatening Israel's security, and the reason is not becuase we are not threatend anymore, this is not a effective quietness and it could explode any second, but the difference is that while Rabin, Peres, Barak and Olmert spoke about No more War, no more Bloodshed, only Peace...Peace...Peace... offering the Palestinians territories, weapons, and anything as long they continue the road to Peace, PM Netanyahu is focusing on a stable Peace agreement that will not only offer concessions and gestures towards the Palestinian people, but a a effective secured peace that is based upon courage and open eyes for the best Interest of both people, and therefore we have to agree to sit down and negotiate all the issues and put a end to the conflict and recognize the existence of each other, but this will only come through strength not through weakness that only encourages more terror and build the extremists.

And therefore the reports regarding today's report of the Jerusalem committee's approval of a 900 unit build in Gilo has nothing to do with the peace process (and as PMO stated in its statement tonight that such a approval is not approved by the PM, but a commitee headed by the Mayor of Jerusalem), as Netanyahu voiced his opinion that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, as is London to the UK,Washington to the US, and Paris to France, and Jerusalem will not be a part of any agreed Freeze , so this report didnt push forward the peace talks, but so didnt it halt it or drag it off track, as Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair approved that Netanyahu has come forward more then any other Israeli leader towards advancing Peace,and his efforts of building up the Palestinian economy, removing road blocks and declaring under each microphone and on every occasion on his desire for peace, have not been so appreciated by the World and the Palestinian leadership.

So what we are seing is a streched out hand by Israel for Peace, that is being rejected by a partner that is not willing to walk the same path toward a effective peace that will bring life of joy and prosperity to both People in the region.