Friday, November 20, 2009

Abbas: People must resist, like in Bilin, accuses Hamas for not terrorizing Israel

(Ynet).Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated Friday that there would be no peace talks with Israel as long as the settlement construction continued. In an interview to the British Broadcasting Corporation in Arabic, the Palestinian leader implied that his people may adopt a new type of struggle against the occupation.

"Those who have to resist are the people, and there are different types of resistance, like in (West Bank villages of) Bilin and Naalin, where people are injured every day," he said.

He went on to point a finger at the Hamas organization. "Hamas talk about the importance of resistance, but why aren't they resisting now. There is a truce between them and Israel, and since the war in Gaza Hamas has not carried out any act of resistance."

He added that "the plan on which Hamas negotiated with Israel includes a delay on the issues of the refugees and Jerusalem." He accused the rival faction of torpedoing the general and presidential elections in the territories, but added that "Hamas cannot continue torpedoing the elections forever because it rose to power through elections itself.