Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Netanyahu: The reports on bad ambiance at the meeting with Obama is nonsense; "Appreciate US positive approach"

The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, defined the reports on bad ambiance between the two leaders last night as nonsense.

On the flight from Washington to Paris PM Netanyahu claimed,that "putting it mildly, this is very inaccurate and does not reflect the truth. The ambiance in the meeting was very open and warm. The importance of the current visit will become clear in the future".

(via Reuters) - Netanyahu voiced confidence that his White House talks would benefit Israel's security and peacemaking efforts.

"It was a very focused and very positive conversation," Netanyahu said before departing. "This conversation dealt with the range of subjects that are important for the security of Israel, and for our joint efforts to advance peace."

He did not elaborate, saying only: "I think this visit will turn out to have been very important."

Yuli Edelstein, an Israeli cabinet minister accompanying Netanyahu, said in a radio interview earlier on Tuesday that the White House talks had included a discussion of Iran, whose nuclear program and support for Islamist guerrillas are cited by Israel as obstacles to its peacemaking with Arab neighbors.

Officials in Washington have explained that the silence surrounding the meeting was a kind of test for the prime minister and his associates, in an attempt to rebuild trust between the leaders after previous meetings.

UPDATE: Channel 2 aired a vague audio statement given by the Prime Minister, who wasn't giving much away.

"The discussions dealt with the complex of issues vital for Israel's security and our joint efforts to advance the peace process. We discussed these issues in detail, in a practical way and out of friendship. I really appreciated the professional and positive approach I discovered,There is a great understanding that we want to advance peace and that we are taking practical measures to do so, while we have real security needs that the US is prepared to help with."