Saturday, September 11, 2010

Poll: Overwhelming majority of Israeli's oppose extension of Settlement freeze

If Obama's call for PM Netanyahu to extend the settlement freeze after the Sept. 26 expiration, were meant to test the waters, and recall his previous statement on the ilegalty of the settlements and its obstacle to peace, than it has fallen on deaf ears at least among a majority of the Israeli public, the creative ideas netanyahu is talking about are not how to maximize the PA demands, but rather to minimize it and find a solution that will grant him public manuverity to carry on the Peace talks without caving in to pre concessions,as long as a agreement is reached.

In a Maariv poll published on the Eve of Rosh Hashana , one of the questions asked were: How should israel act regarding Building in the West bank settlements?

38.6% - To resume construction, and continue building in all Settlements.
35.9% - To resume construction without restrictions in the Large Settlemnet Blocs (a option considered by PM Netanyahu).
19.5% - To freeze all construction in the Settlements
5.7% 0 Have no opinion.

Maybe these results are part of the Isralei skeptism on the success of the two parties to reach a peace settlement , as the poll shows that only 5.6% believe there is a big chance for Peace, while 23.5% say there is no chance, and 45.9% say there is a very low chance that this round of talks will bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians.