Monday, September 13, 2010

Likud MK Levin: We must back Netanyahu so that he can withstand Inte'l pressure

(INN).As the date for the end of the construction moratorium in Judea and Samaria is quickly approaching, pressure on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is increasing from both sides: those who support the continuation of the building freeze as well as those who are against continuing it.

In light of the pressure being exerted on Netanyahu, MK Yariv Levin (Likud) said on Sunday that there is certainly a basis for worry.

Speaking to Arutz 7, Levin said that “in the past we have gotten used to giving back parts of our homeland and also getting terrorism in return”, and added that in light of this reality, Netanyahu must be presented with a strong position that will prove to him that his basic stance that construction in Judea and Samaria should not be halted has wide backing, both in the public as well as in the political arena.

“It is our duty to everything to strengthen [Netanyahu] so that he can withstand this pressure,” said Levin and explained that the pressure on Netanyahu comes not just from international sources but also from internal forces such as the Labor party and even from within the Likud party.

Levin stressed that he himself warned following the decision on the freeze that such a decision would encourage pressure on Israel by the US, since the US would understand that applying pressure on Israel would obtain achievements. “It’s about time to understand that principles should not be given up in exchange for a bit of quiet. These concessions keep peace away and do not bring it closer. Those who really want peace do not present conditions.”

Levin addressed the parliamentary action that must be taken at the present time and said: “We must do two things - maintain and strengthen the Prime Minister and reduce the amount of pressure on him, at least in house, to make concessions. The Prime Minister is no less of a Zionist than anyone else. We have to back him.”

“The Prime Minister must be given room to maneuver, but we must be careful that the maneuvering does not cross the line and we do not find ourselves giving up on basic things, like our right to build all over the Land of Israel,” said Levin regarding the pressure from the US.