Sunday, September 26, 2010

MK Danny Danon to Obama: Respect the right to live in a sovereign Israel

MK Danny Danon (Likud) on Sunday called on US President Barack Obama "to respect our [Israel's] democracy and right to live in a sovereign Israel".

Danon, speaking in English, was at an event to mark the end of the ten month settlement freeze in which settlers lay the foundations for a new kindergarten in Kiryat Netafim.

The Likud MK said that "we have a lot of respect for you [Obama] but the building freeze did not move the peace process forward and it did not stop the violence or incitement".

Danon asked his fellow brothers for forgiveness "for treating them like second class citizens.Today we continue with the Zionist vision.".

Switching back to Hebrew Danon called on Netanyahu to be strong, even against Obama's threats. "We are behind you," he continued.

"Likud is returning to the right track, Everyone will come back and we will continue to build".