Sunday, September 12, 2010

Former Mossad Chief: Obama views Israel as a stone in a shoe

Shabtai Shavit the former Israeli Mossad chief, told the audience last night at the tenth convention of the institute to policy against terror in Herzlia, That Israel is viewed as an obstacle for Obama's vision in his effort to appeal to the Muslim World.

"In The White House there is sitting for the the first time a president that his life track have not introduced him with some kind of Jewish moisture. His natural solidarity is only with the black community in the United States and with their historical ethos. This president you have to remember was raised in his youth with Islamic values".

Shavit added that " 20 percent from the Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, Obama's vision is to be the American president that will concurrence with the Muslim nation. On the way to the attainment of this vision ,there are considerable obstacles, and one of of them is Israel. If to quote the close environment to the president you would hear the expression 'Israel is a stone in the shoe', for the first time since the establishment of the Jewish state and president Harry Truman - the solidarity between the United States to Israel, that is based on the Jewish/ Christian evaluational system , evacuates it place to a different christian/ Muslim solidarity."