Thursday, March 3, 2011

British PM Cameron: "I will always be a strong defender of the Jewish people"

(WorldJewishCongress).At an event organized by the Community Security Trust of the British Jewish community, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has given a message of support for Israel. He told a dinner that after more than 100 rockets had been fired into Israel from Gaza in one year, the country within its right to search the Turkish vessels trying to break the sea blockade of Gaza in 2010, referring to Gaza flotilla which was raided by an IDF commando in May 2010. The remarks were a reversal of Cameron’s statement in Turkey last year, when he described Israel's approach to the Gaza flotilla as "completely unacceptable."
"Some people try to judge the Israeli government by a higher code than they would apply to their own government, Now is not the time to park the Middle East peace process...Israeli leaders and those who supported Israel should use the developments in the region to seize the opportunity for peace.....For decades, autocratic Arab regimes have used the Palestinian cause to smother their own peoples' hopes and aspirations" but believed that young people in the region were waking up to this duplicity".

“One of the most immediate threats to the security of the Jewish people comes from the existence of a political ideology which I call Islamist extremism.....young Muslim men had been drawn toward the latter because his country had not succeeded in integrating them into British society. It had, he said, been a mistake for Britain to passively tolerate segregated communities."

"The Jewish community is a model of how to integrate, proud to be British and proud to be Jewish. If we can get that same sense of national pride and togetherness in all our communities we will all be safer as a result..." 
Cameron pledged:
"I will always be a strong defender of the Jewish people, an advocate of the State of Israel, and I will never rest while the Jewish community in Britain is under threat."