Monday, March 28, 2011

Hundreds at NY rally - "We Stand With Israel Against Islamic Terror"

Over 200 people attended sunday the rally in support of Israel's right to protect its citizens against Arab terror, sponsored by a host of Jewish organizations, Israeli flags and posters declaring support for Israel were held high to cheers, well-wishers, and supportive honking of automobile horns from many passersby headed down 2nd. Ave.

The group was led by Rabbi Avi Weiss and joined by the mayor of Itamar, Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith, and his wife Leah. 

Main rally organizer Hillary Markowitz of Amcha named those injured in the recent Jerusalem bus station attack, and asked, "Where is the outrage? Where is the outcry? Where is President Obama? ... We are here to say that the Jews will stay in Israel. And that we will not sit by quietly!"

Leah Goldsmith, the wife of Itamar’s mayor, stated:
“We are at war when people come on Shabbat to slaughter men, women, and children. President Obama has asked the Israeli government to remove the soldiers from the Tapuach junction near us, which protected the Jerusalem-Shechem road. So you got the butchering of a family, then a bombing at a bus stop because the White House thinks that soldiers checking Arabs is a human rights violation."

"Itamar is on a mountain. To the west we can see the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv, and to the east, we see the Jordan Valley. Do you want us, or Hamas, on that mountain?”
Rabbi Avi Weiss, of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, addressed the Palestinian Authority:
"Israel wants real peace. You must be a real partner. Don't speak with a forked tongue; one way to the western media, and one way to your own people." Rabbi Weiss demanded the PA "stop hate in the media."

"When US officials speak about the illegality of settlements before negotiating, these kind of statements contribute in their own way to this kind of crime. If you strengthen Israel, you strengthen America. If you weaken Israel, you weaken America."
Itamar's Mayor Goldsmith spoke of the difficulty of leaving his community during these difficult moments, but stressed the need for every Jew to stand up and speak out:
“Israel needs every Jew to stand with us. We have for a long time given our lives to build Itamar. The entire world knows G-d gave the land to the Jewish people. The deed to the land is in the Bible... For the sake of Zion, we shall not be silent. For every attack, we will build".
Jacob Kimchi, the son of 2002 terrorism victim Rami Kimchi, the co-founder of One Heart Global whose mission is to assist victims of terror, stated:
“I’d like to know if the presidents of the US, Russia, or European countries would allow missiles to bombard their capitals, or suicide bombers to target their civilians.”
Revital Azulay YL Liaison at American Friends of Likud asked the crowd:
What other country has to put up with situation like this?...How much longer must Israeli's suffer? Where is the UN Human rights, what about Israeli Human rights?"
Rabbi Weiss led the group in the singing of the popular tune “Lema’an Achai,” whose words mean, “For the sake of my brethren and my friends, I shall speak of peace in your midst” (Psalms 122:7-9).

Elana Benador, Goodwill Ambassador for the Shomron Liaison Office, addressed the crowd:
"Israel has had 1,200 victims of terror attacks since the year 2000...That would be an equivalent of 50,297 Americans, proportionately, During that same period, there have been 8,342 Israelis wounded from terror attacks. By American standards - that would mean roughly 350,000 wounded."