Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Polls: W/ No peace in sight Netanyahu loses Centerist/Left, but No alternative to Netanyahu as PM

Despite drop in satisfaction with current PM, Significantly more Israelis believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu is more fit to hold his post than opposition leader Tzipi Livni, according to a Dialog poll broadcast Wednesday night on Channel 10, taken by Tel Aviv University Prof. Camille Fuchs, the Poll found that 45 percent of Israelis consider Netanyahu more fitting to be prime minister while just 25% prefer Livni.

Ironically, the same poll found that the public’s level of satisfaction with Netanyahu had fallen to 38%, after spiking to 45% on December 8, in the immediate aftermath of the Carmel Forest fire.

A New Wave poll broadcast on Channel 2 found that Kadima holds a three-seat lead over Likud. The poll found that if Barak led Labor, Kadima would win 32 seats, Likud 29, Israel Beiteinu 16, Shas 10, and Labor 7.

But if former Labor leader Amram Mitzna returned to his former post and replaced Barak, Labor would win six more seats. Kadima would win 30, Likud 27, Israel Beiteinu 16, Shas 10, and Mitzna would keep Labor at its current strength with 13 seats.

According to the The latest poll that was carried out this week for Channel 99 (the Knesset Channel) by the Panels polling company, If election were held today, Kadima would hold a narrow lead over Likud 31-29 and Yisrael Beiteinu (13), Shas (10) and Labor (7) would all lose seats. The right-wing block would maintain the 65 seats they hold now, a change from the last six polls carried out by various companies over the past six months and, most recently, two weeks ago, which all predicted an increase in the right-wing block to somewhere between 69-73 seats.