Saturday, December 11, 2010

Channel 2 poll: PM Netanyahu's approval soars

A Monthly poll conducted by Geocartography Institute directed by Professor Avi Degani, for Channel 2 “Meet the press” broadcasted on Saturday night Dec. 12, indicates that there has been a dramatic increase of 100% in the popularity of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the Carmel fire crisis and the US dropping its freeze demand.

61% rate Netanyahu's performance as Prime Minister as good/Excellent, 18% rate it as fair/considerably good and only 15% as Bad/poor.

This is a dramatic public opinion shift, since the last poll broadcasted on Saturday night Nov. 13, showed only 31% rate Netanyahu’s performance as Prime minister as excellent, 30% as poor, 16% as considerably good , and 29% have no opinion.

The poll also shows that the Israeli Public does not blame Netanyahu and his government in the fiasco and oversight of the fire fighting equipment over the past years, only 20% say the Government and the Finance minister are responsible, 16% say Interior minister Eli Yishai is, and 50% say all previous governments arepart of the blame.

That gives Netanyahu a overall approval of 79%, after handling the fire crisis, that was described in the Media as a act of leadership, took charge of the crisis and managed in a very smart way. in contrast to FORMER pm Olmert after the failed handling of the Lebanon war 2, a poll published after the war showed just 22% were satisfied with Olmert’s performance as prime minister, and 68% were unhappy with Olmert’s performance