Saturday, December 4, 2010

Netanyahu: The point of light during Hanukkah: The Israeli people are standing together and many other peoples are standing together with us

From PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Press Conference at the Haifa University Forward Command Center:

".....The Israeli people know how to come together. The State of Israel knows how to come together and unite in moments of crisis and this is happening here very well....

"I have spoken with approximately 30 heads of state and government, presidents and prime ministers, in the past three days. I must tell you that their mobilization, the warmth of their remarks, their willingness, the desire to help immediately, sometimes even before we have managed to request it, must warm the heart of all Israelis. There is very great solidarity here and there is very great cooperation, of course in keeping with their abilities. People are bringing what they have. Governments are bringing what they have, as per the distances which are often considerable; but not even this is deterring people......

"I think that there is a very serious crisis here but from the bitter shall proceed something important, I do not want to say sweet, because very harsh things and personal tragedies have occurred but one thing is becoming clear.. The Israeli people are standing together and many other peoples are standing together with us. This is not a small thing. This must certainly be a point of light during Chanukah.

"Perhaps I will add one other point because I see that somebody has sent me a message. In the framework of the countries that are aiding us, there have been very interesting things. First, the fact that during Chanukah, Turkish pilots speaking Turkish, and pilots speaking Greek are flying together with Israeli pilots and this is important. This will certainly have positive repercussions from Israel's point-of-view.

"But we have also witnessed displays of admiration and assistance from Egypt, from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, from Jordanian King Abdullah, and from Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen, who volunteered to send three firefighters. I think that these things are very important. I had a very good and warm talk with him. I expressed appreciation both for this step and for his solidarity in conveying his condolences, as others have also done, and I told him that we re in the same neighborhood.

"The fire is once here and once there. We are, in effect, creating a regional network, after we purchase the planes, the planes will join a regional network that I believe we can establish here for the benefit of all of our peoples."