Sunday, December 5, 2010

Elihay Vidal/ Operation Benjamin - The Weekend which Netanyahu appeared as a leader

(Elichay Vidal-The Marker).For One weekend - as sad as it may be - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a gift few Israeli prime ministers (if any) ever received, for One weekend Netanyahu served as the leader of a normal, sane State, An Israeli national leader- The commander of an operation not related to terrorist attacks, fighting against the enemy, or a Coalition threat from the right or left coalition, From Thursday evening, Netanyahu managed efforts to defy the raging fire in Carmel with tight political media coverage yet seen in Israel.

From the Hasty press conference on Thursday evening, through the visit at the hospital, the helicopter flight over the disaster area till assessing the situation from the point of view of Caramel - Prime Minister was sucked into the organization vacuum formed to halt the disaster. "You sir, should command the operation," Netanyahu in the top of his voice boomed at the Minister of Public Security, in front of television cameras and microphones of radio stations - with pathos that leaves no doubt about who really is the commander in the field.

In between, he managed to talk to all the heads of the relevant countries - Russia, USA, France, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and even Turkey. When was the last Israeli prime minister was to receive empathy, physical words of encouragement and assistance from so many world leaders? Even Erdogan speaking with Netanyahu could not ignore the disaster, and perhaps even use it as a ladder to climb down on which the two countries climbed the last two years.

Without pressure from the Americans, no complaints from left and right, without the extortion of the religious parties, without threats from the Palestinian Authority and the appalling screaming Hezbollah, Netanyahu was able to mobilize the whole world in our favor, for the first time. The Frequent flights of foreign aircraft in Israel's flyzone in perfect unison with the Israeli Air Force this weekend seemed like the apocalypse.

Even the political sector Netanyahu won industrial peace. Besides, you can not blame Netanyahu and / or the ruling party and hang on them the responsibility for the disaster, because the ongoing fiasco was built for decades. Netanyahu supposedly only inherited the problem and had to now deal with its terrible consequences.

Benjamin Netanyahu appeared this weekend for the first time in many years as a leader and commander, and he seemed to enjoy every minute of it.