Friday, December 10, 2010

Eyal Geffen/ Netanyahu took charge, demonstrated control, gave instructions and functioned well

(Eyal Geffen-NRG translated via Google).I do not like the conduct of this man and what he stands for and He is not my cup of tea, But in my opinion, during the fire Netanyahu did a great job. Some probably may be shocked, and some will want to do a hearing test, but really, really mean what I'm saying. Netanyahu took charge of the crisis and managed in a very smart way.

First and foremost he did not deal with what he does not understand and know. He reinforced the connoisseurs and the forces; He did not comfort them by phone, via his Facebook page or tweeted on Twitter He was there next to them around the clock.

In the instruction list for A good leader it’s listed that being close and supporting, inserts a lot of motivation and power. Support and personal involvement are an important engine that promotes success and victory. Netanyahu did what he does know, in a day and a half he catapulted aircraft fleet here from around the world.

Netanyahu sat around the clock, dialed himself to the World Leaders, closed on every side possible and left them no choice. In result, in two days, 34 fire extinguishing aircraft arrived to Israel.

And in those moments a huge Media outcry consumed, since it is impossible that such a move some Journalist or Radio broadcaster will skip this without earning credits.

The media giant wheels did not stop for a moment, they immediately began to move and crush in uncontrolled drive every act, semi-angle of observation or statement that didn’t settle well on their eardrum, standing with measuring instruments to measure when he said some sentence if there was a camera or not.

For what are all these allegations? He asked someone to say something, and lets assume he asked, so what? On what exactly does the Media want to do here a drama? There's a prime minister who took charge, demonstrated control, briefed and gave instructions and functioned well.

Let him work, let him finish the job that is very complex, and despite unflattering camera shots, He fought every moment that such a situation doesn’t happen again, Assume for a moment the pen and let us viewers see what is done - to judge by ourselves, Give us some fresh air to breath..