Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vice Premier Ya'alon says Iran can still be stopped; Iran ignoring the int'l community will end in bitter tears

(Ynet)."The State of Israel must conduct itself by the notion that 'the work of righteous will be done by others,' but should prepare in accordance with the words of our fathers: 'If I am not for myself, who will be for me?'" Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon told Herzliya Conference on Wednesday regarding the options at Israel's disposal when facing Iran.

Ya'alon called upon the international community to make it clear to Iran that it is prepared to pay an economic price, and even a military price, in order to solve the nuclear issue.

Ya'alon spoke about the negotiations being conducted with Iran regarding its nuclear program: "I believe that despite the large amount of time that has seemingly been wasted on futile diplomatic efforts, Iran can still be stopped, and the Iranian people can still be allowed back as a respected member of the family of peace- and freedom-seeking nations."

"The Iranian regime has many weaknesses. It can certainly be made clear to them that foregoing the idea of entering the brink is the best course of action for them, since adhering (to their nuclear program) will endanger their basic interest of remaining in power,".

Ya'alon did not rule out the use of force: "The plan, of course, will likely be halted, be it through a regime change in Iran or through, with no other choice, the application of force in order to deprive Iran of its capability to produce a nuclear weapon."

He added, "It is important to continue clarifying to the extremist regime in Iran that as all options remain on the table and that ignoring the demands of the international community will likely end in bitter tears for Iran."

"It is not beyond reason that the changes in Turkey's policies towards Iran are related to a sense that Iran is about to become a country on the brink of nuclear weapons. Under these conditions, it is even more difficult to assume that Syria will abandon its ties with Iran to advance the peace process with Israel,".

Ya'alon called upon the international community to make it clear that it is prepared to pay an economic price in order to solve the nuclear issue: "It is important to clarify to Iran that leading officials in the international community are determined to the point of willingness to place the issue at the top of their priorities, and even to pay an economic, and perhaps even military, price."

Ya'alon warned that knowledge of Iran's nuclear capabilities may destabilize the region. One reason for this, according to him, is that it may creating a domino effect by which neighboring countries will initiate efforts to obtain nuclear arms.

"They won't wait until Iran crosses the nuclear threshold if they are convinced there is nothing stopping them, However, their most important objective is changing the world order, and replacing it with one in which Islam has a leading role."