Monday, February 8, 2010

FM Lieberman: We will be tough in negotiations but the agreement will be valid

Speaking in a press conference at the Knesset, FM Lieberman said:

"I am certain that they prefer negotiating with (former Minister Yossi) Sarid and (former Minisetr Yossi) Beilin, and not with Netanyahu and Lieberman. I think they know that what Sarid and Beilin offer them will never be accepted in the State of Israel. On the other hand, any agreement finalized with Lieberman is accepted by 90% of the State of Israel's population."

"We will definitely be tough in negotiations and won't make promises in the air."

Lieberman teased his critics in the political system, saying that "all those who have complaints about Yisarel Beiteinu's stand are the ones who lost the elections. They are losers and the rest are winners."