Monday, February 22, 2010

Jewish radio host Aaron Klien on WABC taunts Hamas leader: 'Are you scared?'

(WorldNetDaily)..A Jewish reporter and radio host confronted the spokesman of Hamas today about whether the assassination in Dubai of one of his group's leaders – an elimination largely pinned on Israel – scares Hamas members into thinking they could be targeted next.

"You're a member of Hamas. Are you afraid? Are other members of your group, of Hamas, afraid of being assassinated by Israel?" asked WND senior reporter Aaron Klein, who has been hosting a weekend show live from Jerusalem on New York radio station WABC.

Klein, an American, was speaking live to Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip.

Listen to the full audio of Klein's interview with Hamas spokesman Barhoum

"This was a very professional assassination and the video has been posted on the Internet. Does this now scare you?" asked Klein.

Barhoum replied, "No, no we are not afraid because we are not leaving Gaza. But finally if the Arab community could be in deep silence about all of these crimes committed by the occupation [Israel], everything will be dangerous. Not for Hamas only but will be dangerous for the Arabs and Islamists and that community."

Speaking to Klein, Barhoum said he is "sure" Israel's Mossad intelligence agency was responsible for the assassination "because Mossad is the only one who could commit this crime in Dubai."

Barhoum also said Hamas has information indicating members of the Palestinian Authority, headed by rival Mahmoud Abbas, aided in the targeted elimination.

"There are two factors from our investigation related to the PA," said Barhoum. "There are Arabs in Dubai and they were involved in the assassination; they assist. Two persons are from the PA and who were until now in Dubai.