Monday, February 22, 2010

Netanyahu on Harav M. Porush: Israel Has Lost a Dear Jew

( Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu published a notice in this morning expressing his deep sorrow over the death of Rabbi Menachem Porush, former MK and Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

"Rabbi Porush, of blessed memory, was a pillar of the Haredi religious community in Israel and represented them faithfully. He was one of the longest serving Knesset members serving continuously from the fourth Knesset until the thirteenth as an MK for Agudat Israel and United Torah Judaism.

The Prime Minister and Rabbi Porush held a warm and personal relationship. Rabbi Porush remembered Netanyahu’s grandfather and advised the Prime Minister often via the wisdom of his experience. They held meetings from time to time in the Central Hotel in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister said after hearing the news of the death of Rabbi Porush, 'Israel and the Jewish people today lost a dear, wise, warm Jew who loved Israel and was among the best public servants we had. We are greatly saddened by his loss.' "