Sunday, January 17, 2010

PM Netanyahu regains support from base as Maariv attacks Netanyahu as 'unfit'

(Atlanta Journal Constitution).Sunday's newspapers were filled with reports on the scandal, trailing only the coverage of the catastrophe in Haiti. Radio shows hosted accounts of former employees telling similar tales.

"As a psychologist, she needs to know how to behave to human beings, and she doesn't," Naomi Igos, who worked as Sara Netanyahu's secretary in the 1990s, told Army Radio. "Sara Netanyahu is an employer who breaks the law in every possible way ... the yelling, the losing control, the calls in the middle of the night."

The report sparked heated debate on whether the domestic distraction would affect the conduct of the prime minister. One prominent columnist, Ben Caspit, went so far as to say that Netanyahu is "unfit" for the job.

"The fact that he permits that problematic woman to decide, to appoint, to fire, to upset, to dictate and to apply pressure on organizations in their entirety renders him unfit," he wrote in the Maariv daily.

Reading comments on news sites and in blogs, and by receiving emails, i can say that PM Netanyahu is benefiting from this open attack, as the war wages on personal attack on the Pm and his wife, Netanyahu is regaining support from the right and his base supporting him once again, despite his recent moves that didn't excite too many supporters, but the recent reports in the media evocative chaos, anger, and even humiliation.