Monday, January 18, 2010

Kadima passes no-confidence vote despite PM's absence and due to Coalition's boycott

(Haaretz).The Knesset passed on Monday a no-confidence vote against the cabinet entitled "Benjamin Netanyahu's governments' failing foreign policy," as the PM and several top ministers visited Germany.

Thirsty-four MKs voted for the no-confidence proposal, and due to the fact that the coalition members boycotted the vote there were no votes against it.

More than 61 MKs need to vote in favor of impeachment in order to topple the government, therefore the current vote does not bring on any consequences to the cabinet besides voicing an opinion, Kadima spokesperson said.

"The opposition has transmitted an important message to Netanyahu, stating that Kadima will not stand by and watch him harm our status in the Knesset and destroy the supervising force in the government," the statement added.

Earlier Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin (Likud) called to delay the no-confidence vote due to the PM's historic visit to Germany. "Netanyahu's government is on a national mission and in line with our tradition we do not submit a no-confidence vote when the Prime minister is abroad."

Kadima sent a response saying that "Netanyahu is the last one who can lecture us on ethics regarding responsibility and breaking the rules of the parliamentary game."

"Ever since his first day in power he has obsessively acted to pass laws and violated all the rules of the game and our understandings that have been in place for many years, with only one aim in mind ? weakening the Knesset and destroying the oppositions criticism," the statement added.