Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Barak tells Hezbollah: War with Israel not worth your while

(Haaretz).Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday that the Israel Defense Forces must be prepared for any change in the status quo with the Hezbollah.

Speaking during a tour with soldiers stationed along the northern border on Tuesday, Barak said: "The borders have been quiet since 2006 but the situation can deteriorate quickly."

"We need to constantly prepare for a change in the status quo, though we don?t know when it will occur," he added. "We don?t want for it to happen, and it might not, but we will not be afraid to react if we have to fight back."

The defense minister also said that he recommends to the other side, namely Hezbollah, to "avoid entering conflict with us."

"The Hezbollah continue to grow stronger, with the help of Syria and Iran," Barak said, "but I think that the silence along the border will continue."

The defense minister concluded that "if the situation deteriorates, we will hold the Lebanese government and any group which supports the Hezbollah accountable."