Monday, December 5, 2011

Bi Partisan call to the Obama administration: "Ambassador Gutman should be recalled"

In an email to me this afternoon over Ambassador Gutman's comments , Democrat Assemblyman Rory Lancman from Queens who recently wrote a Op-Ed in the Jerusalem post over this matter, called on the administration to recall the Ambassador:
"Ambassador Gutman should be recalled, and made to take a basic course not only on anti-Semitism but the Arab-Israeli conflict. His comments are an embarassment to the United States."
Jennifer Rubin has more:

Sen Joe Lieberman’s communications director e-mailed this response:
“Senator Lieberman believes that Ambassador Gutman’s remarks about anti-Semitism were unjustifiable and ahistorical. His view is that it is inexcusable to offer rationalizations for anti-Semitism or any other form of bigotry or hatred.”
Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) told Right Turn:
“There is no difference between the anti-Semites who hate Jews because they hate Jews and those who feel a need to cite a reason for their hateful anti-Semitism. Anyone who thinks they are different is simply anti-Semitic.”
Texas Gov. Rick Perry sent out a statement late Monday calling the Obama administration to relieve Gutman from his post:
“The long and ugly history of anti-Semitism has seen all too many episodes of apologists justifying hatred of the Jews. Given the gathering threat posed by the brutal regime in Iran, now is the time to strengthen ties with Israel to achieve our mutual security interests. President Obama must send a clear signal to the world by relieving Ambassador Gutman of his post, stopping his administration's Israel bashing and recognizing that a two-state solution requires good-faith discussion and negotiation from the Palestinians as well as Israelis,".