Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rick Perry tells Jewish Republicans:"Aid to Israel will increase".

Speaking at a candidates forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, Rick Perry clarified his controversial position that U.S. assistance for Israel would increase under his administration, as he sought to ease Jewish concerns that he'd cut off foreign aid.
"I am adamant that any discussion of foreign aid should start at zero, But let me be clear. Israel is our strategic ally...America long ago ended the traditional foreign aid to Israel, Strategic defensive aid is what we will continue to be focused on. And strategic aid in all forms under a Perry administration will increase to Israel."
In a interview with Adam Kredo, RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks dismissed the controversy surrounding aid to Israel by the Democrats as nonsense.
"The only one who had a perception problem on foreign aid was Perry as a result of his comments at the debate, He laid that to rest unequivocally as predicted."