Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mr. Emanual! Time has come to drop the Blame tool and face reality

Instead of using the blame tool, that worked so well in the US election 2008 against former President Bush , it is time for the Obama administration to change course and face reality and responsible facts.

While the Israeli Gov't headed by PM Netanyahu accepted the 2 state solution as a result of a Policy review started since the Government was formed, supported and accepted by a broad majority of Israel, making life easier for the Palestinians in the West bank, removing roadblocks that some of them increase the danger for the life of settlers, and calling for the resumption of the peace talks with out pre conditions in every occasion and on every podium, and lately after intensive diplomatic talks Israel even agreed to halt settlement building construction even in large settlement blocs that will in every peace agreement be part of Israel, in order to stretch out our hand and show our seriousness in peace talks to discuss all the issues on the table.

The Palestinians were the one dragging time, and rejecting every call by Israel, adding daily demands, refusing to back off their pre conditions that were never a obstacle for peace talks in the past 16 years, and failing to accept the legitimacy of a elected government elected by a majority of Israeli voters going out of its way and principles, in order to resume peace talks that will lead to a secure peace agreement.

So instead of blaming both sides, to make up for the failures in the foreign policy diplomatic approach, and the bluff of getting Arab countries to propose gestures and create diplomatic normalization ties with Israel, Mr. Emanual - time has come to state facts, and if the US is interested in peace talks and a peace agreement in the region it should back off of the previous declarations that just encouraged the Palestinians to climb up the tree and wait for Israel to give in and cave in to pressure, Then there will be a possibility of resuming peace talks and allowing the US having a role in the process, and as PM Netanyahu continuously declares that he will surprise the World, and as Egyptian FM recently hailed Netanyahu's positive approach towards Peace.

Israel knew to make peace when it was met with courageous leaders on the other side as Saddat and King Hussein , Israel is ready to make tough decisions and give up land if it is met by a courageous leader that will be able to take the same move.