Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does the deterrence work? Hamas hints at halting rocket attacks on Israel

(CCTV).The Hamas government in Gaza has hinted it could carry out measures to halt the firing of homemade rockets at Israel. An official statement was sent to reporters Monday.

Hamas,was referring to the recent mounting Israeli military actions being carried out in the Gaza Strip. At least ten Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air and ground attacks on the enclave within the last ten days.

Hamas, called on the Palestinian factions and Gaza militant groups "to agree on a national accord that draws up a certain mechanism in dealing with the changes on the ground with Israel." Hamas declined giving any details related to what kind of measures its government would take.

Xinhua News Agency, reported well-informed sources in the Hamas government and speaking on the condition of a-nonymity, that police forces will soon carry out field campaigns, to prevent firing rockets.