Monday, January 11, 2010

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov and Netanyahu discuss economic crisis

(FOCUS News Agency).Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov met with his Israeli counterpart Benyamin Netanyahu within the framework of his two-day visit to Israel. Later Borisov conferred with Israeli President Shimon Peres. Borisov received some pieces of advice from the Israeli prime minister how Bulgaria can become a country more attractive for investors and how to recover the business.

PM Netanyahu envied us for our self-government and that we do not have coalition partners. And that we had the courage to split and not to invite parties in the management, which 20 years has been in government. This is what Prime Minister Boyko Borisov told journalists after meeting with his Israeli counterpart.

On the question - what ideas exchanged on the crisis, Borisov said - "First he said - ten percent tax that you have done is very good, but instead of starting with VAT reduction by 2% as of 2011, reduce it now - by half a percent. It should decrease by half percentage in every six month and that on the one hand is good for foreign business, which will come to invest, at the same time – you will gradually adjust the economy and finances of the state in that direction.

Bulgarian Prime Minister hasn’t visited Israel for 18 years now and Mr. Netanyahu did not remember how long Israeli Prime Minister has not come to the Balkans. I think this is a strategic partner in the future, and which future generations will not forget. And what we did for the Bulgarian Jews, and investment opportunities - the Prime Minister said.

Boyko Borisov hopes by summer Netanyahu to visit us back. We agreed with his financial and economic adviser - even next weeks to come to Bulgaria to help us with advice.
State of Israel has always been "the West" and has always been a close friend of Bulgaria. Fact that we establish fellow relations with Israel does not mean that it is at the expense of someone else," said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.