Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ya'alon Denounces Bennett's Strangling of Netanyahu Forming Broad Coalition

Vice Premier, and favorite to become next Defense minister, denounced Staurday night Naftali Bennett'sd attempt to force netanayhu leaving the Haredim out of the coalition. Such a move would force Netanyahu to form a less broader coalition, or seek alliances with the parties on the left.

“Equality in the burden [of national service] is what unites Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi against the haredim? That sounds totally strange,” Ya’alon told Dana Weiss on Israel's Channel 2 'Meet the Press' program. “They have a treaty that does not reflect their basic interests.”

 “Bayit Yehudi is the only party, as far as I know, to get a serious offer [in coalition talks],” Ya’alon said, in reference to Likud Beitenu offering Bayit Yehudi four portfolios, including Education and a deputy defense minister, last week.

“If, in the end, Bayit Yehudi is out of the coalition despite all we offered them, who will really have paid a political price?” he asked.

“There can’t be talks where people say ‘we just don’t want haredim,’” he said. “Likud Beytenu doesn’t leave anyone out.”