Monday, February 11, 2013

SNL Skit Mocks Republican Support of Israel During Hagel Hearing

In an unaired skit cut from its Saturday night broadcast, NBC’s comedy show Saturday Night Live took aim at the full-throated support for Israel expressed by some Republican senators during the Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing for Chuck Hagel.


The skit begins with a parodied South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham quoting a 1998 statement by Hagel that “the United States will always have an extremely close relationship with the state of Israel, but that’s not to say that in every single instance our interests and those of Israel will be identical.”  

Newly appointed Senator of South Carolina, Tim Scott then notes emotionally, that he “just loves that little country so much.” He claims Israel has the best food, most beautiful women and tallest mountain in the world, among others.  The competition reaches a gross moment when Senator John McCain asks Hagel if he would commit oral sex with a donkey if Israel’s survival was at stake. 'Would you do that, for Israel?" McCain Hardballs.