Monday, February 11, 2013

Lapid in Debut Knesset Speech: 'This Isn't Democracy, This Is Anarchy.'

Yair Lapid's debut speech in the Knesset Plenum as a public leader sounded more like a state of the union, but the State of the union ain't so great, accrding to MK Yair Lapid, "there is a crisis of statesmanship." 

Citing recent event that shook up the society, such as Women segregation, Settler violence, Lapid said of the current State of Israel: "This isn't democracy, this is anarchy, rule of minority over majority."
"There will be no civil war. It's impossible for 10% of the population to threaten the other 90% with civil war. A civilized society can't conduct itself by threats, and if this house is run by threats, it will void the democratic procedure. This is is why the public voted us into this house, so we can get over the fears and tension in the problems splitting Israeli society," he added.

The sovereign must act like a sovereign. That's our job," Lapid went on to say, "Let's imagine together what the State of Israel should look like." 

"Is it too much to imagine that every Haredi child learns English and every secular child would know what a page of Gemara (Talmud) looks like? Is it too much to imagine a state whose internal engine is not the hatred of others?" Lapid asked. I believe in Israel, in Israelis. We can create a model society that everyone is proud of. Let's protect all that unites us," he concluded.