Saturday, February 16, 2013

Netanyahu Exploring Unity Gov't Without Bennet and Lapid

The chances are not high, but every day that Naftali Bennett insists not giving up his strengthened alliance with Yair Lapid, the chances are that Netanyahu will not fold and will rather seek to form a perfect unity government with Labor.

The alliance between Bennett and Lapid can not be dismantled, so they will both remain out of the next government, an official close to the coalition talks is quoted by Yoav Yitzhak.
Friday's meeting with Labor Leader, Shelly Yachimovich, is an indication that Netanyahu is now looking at an alternative coalition that will be assembled by a total of 72 Knesset members. The coalition includes the Likud - Yisrael Beitenu (31), Labor (15), Shas (11) Tzipi livni's Hatnu'a Party (6), Shaul Mofaz's Kadima (2) and UTJ (7).

"Yechimovich would not rule out such a unity government." the official said. "She has been speaking in public against joining the government. But it's important to note that on Friday, for the first time, after her conversation with Netanyahu, Yechimovich spoke of 'large gaps,' and gaps, of course, can be bridged," the source added.

This would be the arousing moment, a US political consultant, who is highly regarded both among Republicans and Democrats, who asked to remain anonymous, told BibFeed. Netanyahu will acquire his political world in one single act by forming a government with Labor and Livni, on the expense of the Bayit Yehudi. "Obama and Bibi can work very well together with such a government," he said.

"If Netanyahu is smart enough, and he is, he should offer Shelly Yechimovich rotation as Prime Minister, by granting her the opportunity to serve as Prime minister at the 4th year of the 33rd government," he said. "Yechimovich will be able to climb down the tree, by saying she is going to lead, and influence the government while Netanyahu will have a loyal partner for 4 years, along with Livni and the Haredim who will do anything to extend the term before going to elections again."

While Netanyahu hesitated to grant that to Livni in 2009, after serving as Prime minister for 10 years, he will have no problem sharing a year with Yechimovich, before deciding if he even wants to run again, is the logic behind this idea.