Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poll: 52% think Intifada will follow Palestinian statehood declaration

(Jpost).More than half of the Israeli public believes a third Intifada will break out if the Palestinians follow through with plans to make a unilateral declaration of statehood in September, according to a poll conducted by the Dahaf Institute and released by the Knesset Channel on Thursday.

52% feared the outbreak of a violent Palestinian struggle in the event of a unilateral declaration of state, while 40% believed that an Intifada would not break out.

54% believe an Intifada will break out even if the United Nations does not recognize the proposed Palestinian state, whereas 38% of respondents believed the opposite to be true.

Only 30% of respondents said they think Israel should negotiate with a Palestinian unity government including Hamas. 29% said Israel should negotiate with the Palestinians, but not if Hamas is part of the government.

In addition, 29% of respondents believe that Israel should not take part in any diplomatic relations with the Palestinians.