Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hanoch Daum/Israel is enjoying one of the best periods in its history

(Hanoch Daum-YediotAchronot).The storm provoked by the Boycott Law exemplifies the fact that vacuums around here are always filled by something bad.

After all, what’s really happening in Israel at this time? The unemployment rate is at a 20-year low, last month the number of tourists who arrived in Israel was the highest in more than a decade, and the personal security situation is the best we have seen here in the past 30 years or so.

Generally speaking, people no longer fear terrorism as they did in the past and they also do not feel that they are about to lose their jobs.

Meanwhile, immense reforms are being undertaken in the transportation and education systems, and in the communication market as well. Elsewhere, all the threats we’ve been hearing about the diplomatic tsunami we are about to face are turning out to be almost-psychotic anxieties.

Yet despite all of the above, it seems there is no hint of all these good things. The leftist camp in this country is lamenting the Boycott Law as if a war broke out around here.

I watch the news and see nothing that will give away, even through a small hint, the minute and apparently not so important fact that Israel is currently experiencing one of the finest periods in its history.