Saturday, July 2, 2011

Organizers confess : Gaza flotilla era may be over

(Ma'an) -- A Greek decision to block ships from sailing to the Gaza Strip has prompted some organizers to rethink the flotilla movement that for years challenged Israel's blockade of the coastal enclave.

The activists said they felt that they had accomplished their goal of bringing attention to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which has been in full effect for five years after previous restrictions under a policy of closure.

Speaking to Ma'an late Friday in Athens, the flotilla organizers remarked that this year’s embattled effort to sail to Gaza likely spelled the end of the Freedom Flotilla movement.

The act of sailing to Gaza is "a tactic," one of them said. "Maybe it’s run its course."

The captain of the US Boat to Gaza, which left port briefly on Friday, has been charged with disobedience for violating an order barring his vessel from sailing and will attend a court appearance Monday.