Sunday, July 17, 2011

Glenn Beck: "Israel, You are not alone."

(Boaz Bismout-YisraelHayom).Glenn Beck returned to Israel less than two months after his last visit here. His aim is to organize a mass gathering on the 24th of August under the banner "Restoring Courage". "From Israel, the capital of courage, we will send a message to the rest of the world, and we will also show you, Israelis, that you are not alone," said Beck.

Beck cannot understand "how the aggressor becomes the victim, how the victim becomes the one who is dangerous." In an interview with Israel Hayom, Beck says that he can't understand how a nation still facing the danger of extermination, this time at the hands of Iran, does not receive sympathetic and encouraging coverage in the world media.
"Someone has to speak the truth, If someone can tell it better than I can, then by all means, please do. In the meantime, I'll do it myself. But today, if someone is horrified about someone else telling the truth, then Israel, and the entire lifestyle of the West is in trouble."
One thing Beck despises is distortion of the truth, and lack of self-confidence in one's justification. "You Israelis should never stop believing in yourselves and your justification," Beck said.

Is the traditional pro-Israel American public opinion changing?
"Suddenly people are beginning to understand the horror. I never heard Americans say 'Hey, we're on the wrong side'. But now, when they realize the direction in which the world is headed, and our hesitancy, they say 'wait one minute, we know that Israel is on the right side, so what is happening here?' It's a people who are waking up now".
Are you saying that American public opinion today does not reflect US government policies?
"That is an understatement, Many Americans are still asleep, and that is why I am investing so much time in this. A week ago I was in Auschwitz. The U.S. knew what was going on there towards the end of World War II. But we didn't go there to save Jews. We went there to defeat Hitler. We could have spared a few bombs to destroy that camp before so many died there".
Glenn Beck recently formed the 'Rally to Restore Honor' in Washington D.C. The rally was an immense success with more than half a million participants. He plans to bring masses to Jerusalem with his 'Restore Courage' rally that is planned to take place on August 24.
"The world needs to see what is going on, how real brave people stand up for themselves. 'Restore Courage' is not a message from me to Israel, but from Israel – to the world."
Beck is still not certain about the lineup for the upcoming rally, but he is willing to divulge that there will be "large scale participation." Like who? At least 70 people consisting of diplomats and foreign leaders, four U.S. presidential nominees (though none will speak at the rally), four senators and many other congressmen will be at the rally. Greek, British, and Australian parliamentarians will also attendant, alongside citizens from close to 100 other nations. Currently there are fund-raising initiatives to pay for those in Africa who want to attend but do not have the means to get to the rally.

Glenn wants to tell us that come August 24, the world will embrace the Israeli people who "are feeling down" in order to tell them, "You are not alone."

Is the rally's timing in August somehow related to the U.N. General Assembly vote on Palestinian independence which worries many in Israel and is planned for September?

"It worries me. September is a critical month for the state of Israel." So the timing is not coincidence.
"August 24 could be just another event or the beginning of a movement in which people worldwide begin to understand that Jews won't be kicked around. If someone in the world has a problem with the Jews – then they got a problem with me, I'm a Jew in this regard."
"If we show fear and tell each other, listen it can't get any worse, then we will quickly find out that it can, much worse. The only difference is that this time, contrast to World War II, the U.S. isn't an industrial powerhouse just waiting for a reason to act. Back in those days America said lets show the world. It's no longer the case today. Today we don't have people like Winston Churchill either, people who said 'never give up, never surrender.' "
Should I conclude from your words that the world is playing the same defensive game with the Iranian threat?
"I don’t want to talk about my country, but the West has buried its head in the sand – just as it did with Chamberlain on the eve of World War II. If someone came up to you everyday and told you 'I am going to kill your wife,' would you go back to your wife and say its nothing, or would you act?"
Do you think we are in a situation today in which Iran believes that an attack against it is not even an option?
"Four years ago, I told your prime minister, 'watch out – they're pulling one over on you.' I think they're pulling one over on my country, the U.S., as well. They aren't going to do anything. They will continue with this game, because nobody really wants to take real steps on this issue. Israel will have to attack by itself, because in the end the train cars will fill up again".

The big question that you need to ask yourselves is if you are going to climb aboard the train cars again - and you know how that ends – or are you going to say, excuse me, Israel has the right to live, Jews have the right to live, and the Holocaust is not going to happen again. I don't know when Iran's point of no return will come, but God help all of us if you or someone else is forced to attack there."
Don't trust anyone except yourselves. Israel needs to demand from the world the right to defend itself. Don't trust us or anyone else to protect you, because at some point, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, you will be let down, because everyone else has different interests than yours."