Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knesset Channel poll: A Majority of the israeli public prefer the current right wing coalition Government till end of term

Below are the results of a survey conducted by the Knesset Channel released today:

If Labor quits under pressure from the government, a majority of 50-45 percent prefer the current coalition with the right wing parties to serve with a majority of 61 seat in the Knesset till the end of the term in 2013, rather then the opposition party Kadima to join, 61% say its not right to call for early election if Labor quits, while 37% say its the time for new elections.

If election were to be held today,The national-religious-orthodox camp would win together a majority of 65 mandates, just the same result from the Feb. 10 2009 election result, the Likud gains 2 mandates, up 29 from the current 27 seats, and Netanyahu leads opposition leader Tzipi Livni as preferred to serve as next Prime Minister 46-39 percent.

So if we draw conclusions out of this poll, it says it all: despite the media attacks, the Opposition calling for early elections, the stalemate of the peace process, the public is not falling for the medias tricks and  that according to the latest polls not only will the right-wing bloc stay in power with Netanyahu's Likud in front.- The Israeli public wants  the present government to end it's term as a right wing led government, and that in any case Netanyahu will officiate as the next Prime Minister in a third term.