Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get in touch with reality - Netanyahu's contribution for Israel in terms of security, economy

Have we noticed that 2010 was a wonderful year for Israel in terms of security, economy?

(Hanoch Daum-Ynet Op-Ed).We do not enjoy the things that are going well. Not enough at least. It happens mostly because of the shapers of public opinion and their leftist political tendencies. In their view, if we have a peace process going on, we have hope. Yet if we do not have a peace process, we are wasting our time heading to a dead-end while living on the edge of the abyss.

This is a foolish perception. It is reminiscent of the conservative settler perception whereby if no new settlements are being built, we must not be happy over anything; as though if there is a settlement freeze, life grounds to a halt.

These are two sides of the same inflexible coin. Two sides that express conservatism and mostly obsession and a lacking sense of proportion. Because what are the things that are truly important to Israelis: The construction of more homes at some remote settlement? More futile talks with Mahmoud Abbas? You mean that in the absence of new settlements, or alternately, in the absence of the illusion of peace talks, we have no reason to wake up in the morning?

So here is a novel notion: Only two things are truly important to Israel’s citizens and ultimately decide the elections: Personal security and economic security. And the fact is that 2010 was a wonderful year for Israel on both these fronts.

The unemployment rate is at 6.7%, the lowest rate in the West, while fewer than 10 people were killed in terror attacks during the year. For the families of the casualties this is no comfort, yet nonetheless it is the lowest number of casualties we’ve had here in the past 10 years (and possibly for longer. The Shin Bet’s official website only updates the figures in the past 10 years.)

And so, if Israel will put an end to the diplomatic obsession and realize that if there is nobody to talk to we don’t have to talk, and if it realizes that constructions in the territories is not the only thing that matters, we’ll be able to enjoy many of the things that have been happening here as of late.