Friday, January 14, 2011

First Republican Presidential contender to Obama, Mitt Romney meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem

On the day Politico reported that Mitt Romney is planning to announce another presidential Bid as earlky as April, the Likely Republican US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney met on Thursday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his Jerusalem residence, the first of a long list of presidential candidates expected in Israel this year to bolster their Mideast and foreign policy credentials prior to the primaries and November 2012 elections.

Netanyahu put out a brief statement saying: The two men discussed a series of issues, including advancing the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, which will be based on security, and the chal...lenge to the international community posed by the Iranian nuclear program.

Romney was here last in 2007 as a speaker at the Herzliya Conference, where he spoke about the Iranian threat.

A source close to Netanyahu said the prime minister knew very well the importance of the bilateral US-Israel relationship and made it a point to meet the candidates of both parties. Netanyahu met with US President Barack Obama when he visited Israel as a candidate in July 2008.