Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Netanyahu meets King abdullah to discuss the need to hold "Direct,effective and serious negotiations" on all issues

(Ynet).Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday met with Jordan's King Abdullah in Amman. Jordanian media reported that the two leaders discussed ways to move the peace process forward based on the two-state solution.

According to the report, the two also discussed moves which could lead to an optimistic atmosphere between Israel and the Palestinians in a bid to launch direct negotiations instead of the current proximity talks.

Abdullah reiterated his stand that only peace could bring security and stability to the Middle East, the reports said. He called on all parties not to engage in moves which could "harm the aspiration for two states, which is a basic condition for creating regional stability."

Nir Hefetz, head of the National Information Directorate, said the meeting between Netanyahu and Abdullah lasted about two hours. He said it was "thorough and focused on the need to advance peace, security and prosperity in the region.

"The two leaders discussed the need to hold direct, effective and serious negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on all issues, in order to reach a stable, safe and durable peace settlement of two states for two people."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that his secret meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II was "very good". He said ideas for cooperation in the field of transportation were raised in the meeting, and added that the Jordanian king has no reason to object to a railroad track that links Eilat, Aqaba and Ashdod.

"I told the king of Jordan that we are going to connect the State of Israel with a network of roads and trains, and that we are starting to build a valley train from Haifa to the Jordan Valley," Netanyahu said at the National Security College's graduation ceremony on Jerusalem.

"King Abdullah said, 'We are also building a train to the same area, lets connect.'". Netanyahu added, "We spoke of the southern railroad track between Eilat and Ashdod, and I said there's no reason this line shouldn't be an Eilat-Aqaba-Ashdod line."

Netanyahu said he spoke with the Jordanian king about promoting peace and security with the Palestinians and the entire region. "I very much appreciate Jordan's desire to move forward with these goals and its contribution to stability in the entire region," Netanyahu said. He also noted that the parities discussed the possibility of cooperation in the fields of economy and energy.

The Netanyahu-Abdullah meeting is of great importance particularly in light of the anti-Israel remarks voiced by the Jordanian king over the past year. Abdullah has said that Israel is as "isolated as North Korea", and has repeatedly expressed his concern that a "political vacuum" could lead to a regional war.

Netanyahu also addressed the importance of a peace agreement with the Palestinians. "The region where we live has a lot of instability and a lot of dangers. We had peace with Iran. For years we had ties with them, but this peace did not withstand the changes that took place within Iran."

He warned that caution should be used. "We must have peace agreements that include a solution to the threats against us, because we do not want to repeat what happened when we withdrew from Lebanon and got an Iranian military base in the north, and we do not want to have what happened in Gaza, where a southern Iranian enclave was created with increasing armament."

Netanyahu said that Israel must preserve its ability to defend itself in the frame of the new conditions to be created in the region.