Friday, January 2, 2009

JPost/Smith poll: War boosting Likud, Labor

The survey found that the Likud had risen from 27 seats to 29, Labor had gone up from 14 to 15, and Kadima had fallen from 27 to 23 since the previous Post poll was published on October 31.,and the Right bloc's advantage over the Left remains a hefty eight mandates, 64 to 56.

While the survey's 500 respondents were undoubtedly influenced by the Gaza fighting that raged as the poll was conducted on Monday and Tuesday, many other events, including the drafting of the parties' Knesset lists, have occurred over the past two months to influence voter opinion.

Smith said 15% of respondents identified themselves as floating voters. Such people were more likely to be secular, older, women, or immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Asked whether they found the Likud and Kadima lists attractive, respondents were equally positive and negative about Likud's candidates. Fifty-one percent said they found the Kadima list unattractive, while just 28% said it attracted them.