Thursday, January 29, 2009

Livni's last bullet: Sexism

Livni's claim today that her lack of support is because she is a Woman,and that People don't intend to see a Woman making the same tough decisions as a Man or General,is a attemp to wake up the sexism Issue and blame her lack of Leadership on everyone.
What she fails to understand is that She is the first Woman in Israeli politics that held 10 ministry offices,She was elected as Chairwoman of a Leadinf party and was in the most powerful position ever as FM and part of the 3 decision makers in this Country for 3 years,but that alone is a indication that no matter what Livni is trying to promote herself as she will not succeed,because she lacks the kind of Leadership,and is part of a failed governmet,that failed to defend Israel's security and its best Interest, that made the wrong decisions and continues to surrender land and showing weakness against out Enemies,and without offering any Hope and Solutions to the Basics that keep us as a strong Nation,we say to her loud and clear:Not this time, not this year,not when the stakes are so high,this Nation is looking for strong Leadership that will take us out of the Ditch and bring Hope to the days aheaf of us.