Thursday, January 22, 2009

Netanyahu: A Likud government that I head is committed to improving the status of women in Israel

“Giving women an opportunity to work is a humane and socially beneficial measure but also an economic measure of highest importance. We can and must invest in a policy that supports women working”, said Netanyahu in response to a query about his commitment to legislation that would improve the situation of mothers who wish to go to work.
The table on the 14th floor of Metzuday Zeev was thronged with Likud women who came for a special press conference to hear a presentation of the Likud’s policy regarding the status of women.

“The Israeli economy’s main problem is the low rate of participation of the adult population in the job market, and if this improves, the Israeli economy can be one of the most prosperous in the world.

Netanyhau went on to refer specifically to two areas he intends to promote: first , to allow women the opportunity to pursue both family and a career, which is important socially, economically, and personally. This could be done through free day-care centers, and tax benefits.
The second area is that the ministerial committee would focus on three important subjects: the war on violence against women; enforcement equality of pay between the genders, and promoting women in the civil service.
The last speaker, Roni Aloni, was invited as the representative of the women’s organizations. “I am here in the name of 32 leading women’s organizations, she said and stated that the Likud is the only party that relates seriously to the issue of women. “We wrote up a document of principles and the only ones who responded to us seriously were the candidates in this room today,” Aloni said.

At the end of the press conference, Netanyahu was asked: Do you pledge to give women representation in your government, and Netanyahu replied, “As much as possible”.