Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New polls show likud slight lead but strong rightwing bloc

1.Maagar mochot/arutz 2 poll shows likud still leads but looses seats to Lieberman and the right wing bloc with 62 seats:
Likud 28
Kadima 26
Labor 16
Lieberman 14
Shas 10
Both Right parties 5

2. Haaretz poll shows Likud leads Kadima by 4 but looses 3 seats to the right and a Right wing Bloc of 62 seats:
Likud 29
Kadima 25
Labor 16

Both polls show that Kadima has no gain from the operation and that although the camapign is suspended the right wing parties gain because the Security remains the top Issue,and the mandates just sway around between the right parties but do not fall away,which makes it easier for Likud from both ways,from one hand its not so hard to presuad the right to switch and vote Likud,and from the other hand its makes it easier for Netanyahu to appeal more to the center and attract votes from Kadima while the right vote remains in the right bloc.