Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kadima may use negative Clinton quotes

Kadima may use negative Clinton quotes
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(Jpost).The Kadima campaign has gathered a collection of negative quotes about Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu from US secretary of state designate Hillary Clinton and her husband, former US president Bill Clinton, Kadima strategists said Monday.

A final decision has not been made yet in the campaign about whether to use the quotes and efforts are still being made to verify their authenticity. Kadima officials declined to reveal the quotes in their arsenal, saying that they were "saving them for the right time."

The Likud campaign responded by calling Kadima's usage of the Clintons in a negative campaign "ridiculous." Sources close to Netanyahu said they were unaware of negative quotes from Hillary Clinton about the Likud leader.

"What matters is that Netanyahu has built up good relations with Obama," a senior Likud official said. "There was chemistry between them in their two meetings. Netanyahu's ties with the Obama administration are so deep that nothing can get in the way."