Thursday, January 8, 2009

Globes Poll:Netanyahu gets boost in Popularity

(Globes)- "....Also Netanyahu benefits as of now from the situation, in which he doesn't have a arm and a leg. As chairman of opposition, that has no subject in any operational role, except for explanation, he got a rise of 30% in the level of his accommodation to the premiership, according to this survey he has still persuaded 30% of the respondents to say their faith in him has risen or risen greatly,that is a pretty result.In contrast to the second Lebanon war,then after two days it ceased the dorsal wind that Netanyahu provided to the prime minister and converted to the wind of war,this time Netanyahu keeps his restrained position also on the day 13 to the operation. The public buys everything and scores points accordingly. Also the statement that Netanyahu does not do a politics on these days help him."