Monday, January 2, 2012

Opinion: Ron Paul Should Not Be Ignored nor Dismissed

Congressman Ron Paul's PR people approached Israeli Social Media, Public relations and Marketing expert Joel Leyden to help secure the Jewish vote for his campaign.

This after Paul's Newsletters were revealed and after a series of debates in which he dismissed the threat of a nuclear Iran and pledged to stop foreign aid to Israel.

Here is what Joel Leyden writes how he thinks voters should deal with Ron Paul's surge, after being approached:
"For the most part, I have ignored Ron Paul. Knowing him mostly as a racist lunatic. That is until this week when his PR people approached me to help secure the Jewish vote for his campaign.

That many who are just reaching voting age or are just beyond it, from Iowa, Connecticut and New York to Virginia, Arizona and Texas, really like Ron Paul. When you ask them why, they have no idea.

When you ask them if they are aware that he is associated with the KKK and neo-Nazis, they respond with an open mouth and blank stare.

Who is Ron Paul?

In these newsletters one can see who the real Ron Paul is. A medical doctor who cares for babies or a blatant racist who calls African Americans - Blacks "animals" who only behave when picking up their welfare checks. Ron Paul called the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King a “gay pedophile".

As for the Jews, he would not have sent US troops to fight the Nazis, liberate Jews from the Holocaust, blames the Jewish people and the CIA for 9/11 and would allow Iran to nuke Israel, which according to Ron Paul, should not exist.

Ron Paul and his PR campaign people say that they support Israel. They even created a Facebook page entitled Ron Paul Zionists for Israel. They visited me on Facebook and said in the most glowing terms that they would allow Israel to do whatever it wished if they got my vote. What they did not say to me is that Ron Paul would stop all aid to Israel, the only stable democracy in the Middle East. A small Jewish nation that trains US troops before they land in Iraq or Afghanistan and coordinates almost every security issue with Washington in defense of democracy against Islamic Jihad or Muslim Holy War against Jews and Christians.

As Ron Paul's social media team sweet talks me and begs me to "look at the issues" they fail to mention that on page 317 of his book, “Liberty Defined,” Ron Paul writes about the influence of the Israel government on the US and the “apartheid conditions that Palestinians are subjected to.”

For Paul would try to destroy America's INTEL (Intelligence) agencies, stripping the CIA, the NSA and US military Intelligence of any power to act to defend the US. He would allow Iran to build nuclear weapons that would be used against Israel, France, the UK and any other part of Europe that disagrees with Iran. Ron Paul defends Iran and states that it is not going nuclear. This is in sharp contrast to the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which recently confirmed that Iran is indeed producing nuclear weapons.

He supports and is supportive of such racist organizations as the American Nazi Party, the white supremacist StormFront, the National Socialist Movement, the John Birch Society, the Ku Klux Klan, Holocaust deniers and neo-Confederates. The racism and conspiracy theories of Ron Paul have driven some people to violence. Not only have Ron Paul’s racist supporters endorsed him and his views, he has endorsed them through his positions on the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement, without disavowing the support he gets from racists. This is guilt by racism.

Many have advised me to simply ignore Ron Paul. That he is of no consequence and by giving him attention I provide him with a platform. I disagree....

To ignore Paul would be equal to have ignored Adolph Hitler. Both men use nationalism and fear tactics to gain support. And a powerful, psychotic ability to twist the truth. With regards to Israel, after Paul's PR team gave up telling me how much that they support Israel, in frustration, they began to show their real colors by attacking me as a Jew, calling Israel an Apartheid state and saying that Israel keeps Gaza in a prison. That the US taxpayer should stop supporting Jews in Israel. But that is no surprise as Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah actually support Ron Paul. Perhaps they were the ones posting on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It is not so much how dangerous and out of touch with reality Ron Paul might be, but rather how effective his delivery system is, a professional PR machine which needs to be confronted.

So for those of you who cherish Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Harry Potter, Jeff Black, Justin Bieber and the Vampire Diaries, think twice before you vote in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, New York or California. If you want to vote against Barack Obama, make your protest vote with a candidate who is not a racist. Do your research!..."