Sunday, January 1, 2012

ELECTION 2012: The GOP Nightmare: Ron Paul

A Day before Republicans get to vote in the first of a set of primaries to determine their nominee that will take on Obama and in hope of regaining the Presidency - the outcome is all but clear, the latest polls show a tight race in Iowa between Mitt Romney and Taxes congressman Ron Paul.

"The worst thing that could happen to the GOP (Grand Old Party) is a split," says Boaz Bizmot. "Paul, a leading figure in the Tea Party Movement, could embarrass the party by winning the Iowa caucuses. The Libertarian candidate, who aims to isolate the U.S. from the rest of the world and even stop providing foreign aid to Israel, has not softened his stance. He has even managed to steal Michelle Bachman's campaign manager. Former House Speaker Gingrich has declared unequivocally that he would not vote for Paul in November. American Jews' worst nightmare is a choice between Paul and Obama in November. It is reminiscent of the choice between Jacques Chirac and Jean-Marie Le Pen in France in 2002. Chirac won the election with 80% of the vote."

"Ron Paul is a very scary situation and I thought it was incredibly good that Newt Gingrich denounced a very dangerous guy who he would not vote for," Mayor Ed Koch said in an interview to Aaron Klein. "Ron Paul had issued a newsletter, they say twenty years ago, but what difference does it make, he hasn’t repudiated those comments or done anything to separate himself from it, which in affect at the time was for the destruction of Israel. I believe Ron Paul is a very dangerous candidate who has made with his newsletter statements that are anti-black, anti-Jew and engaged in the bashing of gays."