Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Netanyahu requires refinements on US bleary written draft of agreements reached on Freeze

Lack of trust? The US agreed to sign on a document of obligations,Today they sent a relatively bleary draft,but Netanyahu refused to approve it.

Disagreements with the U.S. administration are delaying the inner cabinet from discussing and voting on a potential settlement freeze. The letter outlines U.S. guarantees to persuade Israel to agree to a three-month moratorium on settlement construction.

As of Tuesday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's envoy for the peace process, Isaac Molho, was conducting marathon talks with senior advisers to U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the text of the letter, so that it could be brought before the inner cabinet on Wednesday.

Most of the disagreement concerns the American desire to remain vague over whether it will seek another freeze in three months' time. The Americans would like the text to say that progress over the next three months would render another freeze unnecessary.

"Israel is demanding that everything reached are clear in all sections,it wants more salt and pepper to it. Netanyahu wants to clarify the precise formulations of all issues, So he can come to cabinet and say: this is the package."

Zalman Shoval, former Israeli ambassador to the US,told Ynet: That Obama has brought upon himself the written commitment requirement, "Israel's trust in the US admin. was undermined,when they Announced they would not honor Bush's commitments for building in settlements blocs"..."The relationship between the 2 countries are not good enough, It's a shame because Israel-US relations should largely be based on mutual trust".