Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jacob Kornbluh/ Netanyahu's efforts guarding Israel's interests, undermined by division and inner criticism

(Jacob Kornbluh). It looks like its a routine of up and downs, that whenever PM Netanyahu is on a official state visit to the US, if its meeting with US Administration officials, or with Jewish leaders, some mini crisis pops up by a report of a delicate approval of some building construction in the settlement and mostly in the Jewish Neighborhoods in E. Jerusalem, and immediately gets blown up by the media , that effect every kind of accomplishments the purpose of the visit was intended to bring for the security or the best interest of Israel.

Now , lets not be naive and lets acknowledge that there are some fundamental differences in the Israeli elected government and the US elected administration in world view and Foreign policy approach, in the past 40 years no Us administration gave legitimate public support for the settlements within the '67 border, and no Administration recognized the disputed areas in E. Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel, but we knew to always overcome these differences, and act to strengthen the trust and the mutual understandings, to keep that special strategic bond in the US-Israel relationship.

As Israel became a Issue in the current midterm elections, so much because the winter rift between President Obama and PM Netanyahu, and the loss of Jewish support of the Democrats , The Media is trying to portray the election outcome of a Republican controlled Congress as a win for Netanyahu over Obama, and as a confident boost given to Netanyahu to overcome Obama's pressure regarding the freeze and the US led effort to restart the failed peace talks.

Alon Pinkus writes in Politico: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is visiting the United States this week, has never managed to conceal his natural affinity for Republicans and discomfort with Democrats.

"Netanyahu’s actions are a distinct break from the past 40 years, when Israel’s strengthening ties with Washington were all a product of bipartisan support — regardless of who was in the White House or who controlled Congress.
Bipartisanship is not a euphemism for conformity of thought. It does not and should not discourage a debate on Middle East policy. It should also not be interpreted as quashing discourse or suppression of criticism of U.S. policy in the Middle East and Israel.....However politically expedient some Republicans consider this idea of transforming the GOP into the natural “pro-Israel” party, it is likely to harm Israel, may dent some Democrats in the process and might well tarnish the Republicans on whose behalf these attempts are mad.....Leave Israel out of this bipartisanship-bashing party. We are not an issue".

To think this was written by a Israeli official that served as Israel's appointed NY General council at the Israeli consulate, that it serves the Interest of Israel, is absurd and here is why he and the media are dead wrong to blame Netanyahu or his Government in undermining the US-Israel relations and portray Netanyahu as a Republican that prefers to deal with President Palin.

First to gets it right, even among friends and Ally's there is always a Mutual understanding that differences are not a fundamental subject of argument and clash, as Ari Harow writes in the Ynet:

"It is vital that Prime Minister Netanyahu take this opportunity to once again clearly state Israel's red lines in negotiating with the Palestinians. Whether this clarification serves to bolster our friends in Congress, or remind the Administration as they plan any new initiatives, it is crucial that our American allies understand where we stand on these issues as we inch closer to returning to direct negotiations with the Palestinians".

"Now is the time to explain to these and other Administration officials that just as the US has vital interests that it works tirelessly to safeguard, Israel too must stand strong on our principles or the chance of reaching a just, lasting and true peace will quickly fade and collapse as happened too many times in the past".

Now the reason president Obama and his colleagues in the administration think that Netanyahu can be pressured on the issue of settlement and Jerusalem, is because of the growing voices, and the noticed crack within Israel, and by the Liberal Left Jewish federations, that are supported by some in the national media that disliking Netnayahu would be a understatement for their critic and opposition to the Governments policies, So why should President Obama witnessing this, be a greater and patriotic Zionist then them,because the lack of Unity around guarding Israel's red lines and national interests, we are experiencing this International pressure and the tough US Mideast policy.

In 2005 when Ariel Sharon announced his plan of withdrawal and disengagement of Gaza, despite the foreseeing threat given by Generals and security officials, despite the risk of conceding land without a agreed partner to take over, Israel- the left, Media and the US knew to stand united and support PM Sharon's move, that turned out to be disastrous and damaging for Israel's security and Future, brought on 8000 rockets and thousand of Missiles on the northern and southern cities in Israel.

Now touching on the Issue of the us bi partisan support of Israel. there maybe a very strong Rhetoric Bi-Partisan support for Israel as we have heard from the Top US administration officials and the democratic representatives, but in actions, facts show that 54 Democratic representatives signed a letter to call for the end of the Gaza blockade, Most of the Democratic leaders in the house stood silence when Obama announced his diplomatic outreach to Iran, despite Ahmedinjad's ongiong declarations on the destruction of Israel, were hiding and were silent when Obama assaulted Pm Netanyahu in his March '10 visit to DC, and most of their races were funded by left groups that represent more the Palestinian side of the conflict rather then Israel's proven side of the story.

Polls done in the past year have shown that The US public is indeed divided in their support and defense for Israel, when a overwhelming majority of republicans strongly support Israel and the governments policies, and in some cases the US public supports stronger action against Iran and less public pressure towards Israel.

Yes , its comfortable to think that the US public supports Israel with closed eyes, but the truth is that there is a division in World view, lack of education,less feelings and connection to the Jewish homeland ,partly by US Jews and campuses across the United states.

So what it is required for PM Netanyahu to do, is explain his positions, outline his red lines, come up with creative ideas to push forward the peace process, the Bar Ilan policy speech is indeed first and foremost a majority of Israel's support in the three main principles that will bring towards a viable secured peace, additional to that the government is trying to come up with more unilateral moves to prove its seriousness and strong desire for a lasting peace.

As PM Netanyahu noted in his speech before the Jewish federations of North america General assembly:
"Herzl’s vision was guided by three principles: Recognize perils, seize opportunities, forge unity".

"These same three principles should guide us at the dawn of the 21st century. We must recognize the dangers facing us and work to thwart them. We must seize the opportunity for prosperity and for peace with those of our neighbors who want peace. And we must forge unity among our people to shoulder these monumental tasks. ....For too many, Israel is guilty until proven guilty. The greatest success of our detractors is when Jews start believing that too – we’ve seen that today".