Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Bibi Report radio show 11/29 on Israel, Wikileaks, Iran and US pro Israel activist groups W/ Z-Street President

@JacobKornbluh - The Bibi Report Radio Host:
"The latest Wikileaks cables released have drawn a lot of critics here in the US, The US administration called it unfair and damaging, Republican NY Rep. Peter king called the Wikileaks owners a terrorist group, the Heritage foundation in its daily email claims Wikileaks has committed a crime, and so on….

Well from my perspective this is an historic day for the link of Diplomacy and journalism, as a curious and concerned citizen, I want and have the right to be disclosed with the real views of my leaders, their actions, and hold them accountable to their closed door promises or pledges…. I have the right to know, the public has the right to know and be exposed to what president Obama thinks on the world leaders, the contrast between his public pledges of commitment to stop Iran’s nuclear, to his dismissal of Netanyahu and defense leaders estimates of time running out on Iran.. as I put it last night on twitter; Israel and the Arab leaders alarm clock ring has been put at snooze time and time… and if to draw a conclusion of the Wikileaks released cables, it is to demand , that the world leaders must say the same in private as they say publicly, and that they should have the courage to say in public what they say in private, as it proved Israel's position on Iran was consistent -- in public and in private...."